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People who came from money don't all go around like Paris Hilton in oversized designer sunglasses and carrying teacup Chihuahuas in glittery handbags. So, when you encounter someone who seems like an obvious rich kid now all grown up, how do you know?

Reddit readers were asked to chime in on the question: What's a dead giveaway that someone has come from money?

Here are 10 of the most priceless responses.

10. Sandwich shaming

Simple peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread
BW Folsom/Shutterstock
The rich friend didn't understand why all the PB sandwiches.

They think it's weird when people struggle with money.

I used to live in New York City, and knew a guy who came from HUGE money who was a trust fund kid and worked in the fashion industry because he loved it. He had an apartment on Park Avenue, had a driver, etc. He was very nice, but clueless about struggle. Every time he'd hear me say something like "Oh yay, another peanut butter sandwich" he'd just tilt his head and say "If you're hungry why don't you just order delivery?" or something. He had NO CLUE about things like having $20 to your name for the next five days.

| angelabee

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