1. 'The staff snuck in to see what was going on... I bet they wish they hadn’t'

woman hiding behind counter
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

My sister works in the hotel business and told me about a time when a man checked in, but wouldn’t let anyone go into the room for over a week. They were all suspicious of what he must be doing as the corridor outside the room started to smell really bad.

One day he went out, so the staff snuck in to see what was going on... I bet they wish they hadn’t.

He had dead fish hung up all around the room.

I’m not sure what happened but I’ve never heard anything like it.

| Bebelabeau

2. 'It stuck to the carpet and was almost impossible to vacuum'

caramel popcorn in a bowl
gowithstock / Shutterstock
Why are there no jokes about popcorn? Because they are corny.

Worst to clean up — not because it was gross, but because it was annoying and time consuming — was popcorn.

A baseball team stayed in a couple rooms and I guess they had those like caramel popcorn balls that they had just thrown all over the room — At the walls, furniture, etc.

It stuck to the carpet and was almost impossible to vacuum.

| slpofsrn

3. Out of Huggies

baby crying
Billion Photos / Shutterstock

The worst for me were a couple with a newborn.

They couldn’t afford basically anything, so they made the decision to use our towels as diapers. The police wouldn’t let us kick them out and they were just taking the towels off the carts.

Ended up having to evict them from the hotel as they had been there long enough to establish residency.

| Bahamutdragonlord

5. 'We had to make a new rule that charges a $400 glitter fee'

red glitter spilling out of tube
Michelle Patrick / Shutterstock
Glitter. Everywhere.

A bachelorette party came through and after they left the next night we had to make a new rule that charges a $400 glitter fee.You couldn't see the floor — there was so much glitter.

It's been a few years and you can probably still find glitter in the carpet throughout the hotel.

| Jordanmacafee

5. A batty situation

bat hanging upside down from a tree
Eric Isselee / Shutterstock

A little league baseball team was staying the night and a guest complained to my manager about bats flying around. My manager assumed the baseball team was just being rowdy and headed up to tell them to calm down.

Turns out it wasn't baseball bats... Just a normal ol' flying bat hanging out in the hallway.

| Drewswaycool

6. 'I finally find it tucked in the lamp shade'

empty pizza box in a messy room
Daniel S Edwards / Shutterstock
Cleaning up this mess was not a slice.

Pizza. And not just leftovers. An entire pizza. And not a single slice of it in the box.

The first red flag we found was the slice of pizza smeared all over on the TV.

Then we saw two slices side by side like they had worn them for slippers and dragged their feet across the floor.

One slice in the dresser, one in the nightstand, one in the sheets, and one in the bathroom sink.

The whole time I'm wondering why someone would do this — was the pizza not good or something?

I'm doing the final checks in the room and it still smells like pizza.

I flick the lamp on and look for the final slice. I finally find it tucked in the lamp shade. This individual had smeared the last slice on the inside of the lamp shade.

This person bought an entire pizza just to hide it in his hotel room.

| aNathan113

7. A freakin' bear

brown bear
Christian Schoissingeyer / Shutterstock
This guest was grizzly.

A bear.

First, you gotta understand that a lot needs to happen for this to occur.

Our lowest floor was still about a meter and a half from the ground, and each outside room had a balcony rail. However, a guest had decided to want to unload his motorcycle from his truck and leave the ramp down, so he could ride the bike up when he was done.

The guest that was staying in the room had room service — he decided to leave the food uncovered and the balcony doors open, and later went to the hotel pool/spa to relax.

Upon returning, he came to us at reception and said that there was a bear in the room. Puzzled, we quietly approached the room and slowly opened the door. Lo and behold, there was a bear eating room service and making a mess of my afternoon.

We called Parks Canada to deal with it. Guest was not charged a cleaning fee.

| Littleasianman89

8. 'Whipped cream everywhere'

hotel maid gasp in shock
Aaron Amat / Shutterstock
A bunch of kids and unlimited sugar. What could go wrong?

It was a family retreat/kids’ birthday party. The adults were partying while the kids were in the presidential suite being rowdy.

They had decided to have a fully stocked ice cream bar and allowed the kids to do what they wanted with it.

M&M’s crushed into the carpet, chocolate footprints on the walls, whipped cream everywhere, and fruit punch spilled on the bed.

In total we had to charge them about $7k in damages, which they took to court, because they thought, "the clean-up would be included; that's why we did it at a hotel!"


9. People get vindictive

Businessman dancing around with a lampshade on his head.
Gilles DeCruyenaere / Shutterstock
What a party animal.

Empty boxes of fried chicken and the bones lying all over the floor between the beds. A lamp thrown through the glass door dividing two rooms. Dirty diapers and birthday cake smashed into the walls.

People get really vindictive when you have to kick them out for trying to have a party.

| Skevex

10. Close your windows

shocked housemaid
Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

Three guys in one room left ALL of their windows open and lights on overnight in the summer. I have never seen so many different types of bugs flying around the room. It was terrifying.

We ran in spraying bug killer like our lives depended on it, then ran out and left the room for an hour. We came back and the floor was almost black with dead bugs.

I can still hear the crunching.

| Scarlettpimpernel

11. Hopefully they're not cursed

Voodoo Doll with needles
Fer Gregory / Shutterstock
Seance? Say no more.

One guest — a sweet and somewhat nerdy 20-something computer programmer — had what I can only describe as an immense amount of voodoo items in this room including this strange statue of a raven, a large tome and candles.

| Woodbog

12. Gives 'going green' a whole new meaning

Bowl of broccoli
mexrix / Shutterstock
Broccoli is a source of Vitamin K, C and a great way to drive the housekeeping staff crazy.

Broccoli. Everywhere. In the bed, the tub, the toilet, and drawers. It was ground into the carpet. No clue why. That's the weirdest one.

| Motherofxmen

13. 'I am 99% sure he never once used the shower'

Man smells something stinky and pinches his nose to stop the bad odor.
Steven Frame / Shutterstock

A homeless man came into some money, we never quite figured out how, but either way he stayed in the same room for about two months.

Eventually we convinced him that he needed to go elsewhere as we had a big conference, or something like that, that was going to fill the whole hotel.

I was a bellman and the hotel had a courtesy shuttle for the guests. I was instructed to give him a ride to the new hotel he would be staying at. I helped him get the remaining stuff from his room and the moment I entered, I knew the room would be out of service for awhile.

There was trash everywhere, the bathtub was used as a waste bin, there were dirty stained towels pouring out of the closet, and he had stripped the bed and put his sleeping bag on the mattress.

The worst part was the smell. Despite the fact that he had been staying there for at least two months by this point, I am 99% sure he never once used the shower.

It was the strangest, most disgusting thing I had ever seen.

| Neoscarian

14. 'I think they had to completely replace it'

girl sitting in a jacuzzi
kurhan / Shutterstock

Used to work in the laundry, one day my housekeeper friend came and got me to look in a room — someone apparently had a lime Jell-O bath in the jacuzzi tub.

They had to get it professionally cleaned and taken apart because it was inside the jets. Even then I think they had to completely replace it.

| Imminentriot

15. 'The worst part was the bathroom'

yellow glove cleaning blue background with sponge
Natali_ Mis / Shutterstock
Party like a rock star.

Not me, but my mom. She worked at a nice hotel in Florida when I was little and she had to clean up a room after a rock star stayed there.

She said that the room wasn't too bad at first. The usual food wrappers and such laying about. The worst part was the bathroom.

According to her, the rock star had broken liquor bottles in the bathtub and ground the glass into the bottom. It took her and another worker a good part of the day to clean. She quit not long after that.

| Nattiebroskette

16. The Pie Guy

The hotel room with Room Number sign on the door
Makistock / Shutterstock
He was living his best life.

We had a guest we ended up calling "Pie Guy" — he would come into the hotel without a reservation, pay in cash and the $100 cash deposit and the next day we would find his bathroom and bathtub full of the remains of several pies.

He never came to the desk for his deposit, as he knew he wouldn't be getting it back.

We added his name to our "do not rent" list but he kept coming back and using different names.

| Ladywug

17. 'She had set up a bed for herself on the treadmill'

woman asleep in bed
Volha_R / Shutterstock

This one lady came into the lobby around 11 p.m., asked for the workout room. I opened it back up for her figuring she was one of those late-night workout people. I went back in around 3 a.m. to close it up again, and saw she had set up a bed for herself on the treadmill.

She had a fight with her husband and was refusing to sleep with him.

| Greenmouse19

18. No pets!

small cute beagle puppy
Sigma_S / Shutterstock
Is this the plot of a children's movie?

One. Hundred. Puppies.

No, Mr. Puppyman, I am NOT caring for your puppies. In fact, you're not even allowed ONE puppy in your hotel room, so you can buzz off with your ONE HUNDRED PUPPIES.

Thank god I quit.

| Metaphysics666

19. 'We had to go up there and shut them down twice'

trendy professionals toasting champagne
bbernard / Shutterstock

I work at a school dormitory that functions as a hotel over the summer. We mostly see conferences and exposition groups from out of town that need a place to stay while things are going on at the university.

Last summer, a group of bankers brought a disco ball and a ton of colored lights, set up a dance floor out on their balcony, and had a huge party in their dorm room. We had to go up there and shut them down twice. These were all 30+ year-olds.

| Swindlewick

20. And that's how they got their mascot

crested gecko
bulinko / Shutterstock
And that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

We hosted a reptile expo in one of our regency ballrooms over the weekend. The day after they left, I stumbled across a crested gecko.

I started panicking because I knew nothing about reptiles but I figured the gecko would be be easy to catch because it was cold. I used the heat lamp we had in our kitchen to lure it in keep it warm until we got a hold of the reptile people.

They said they weren't going to make a five hour trip for one gecko and said we could keep it. So that's the story of how my front desk manager got a free crested gecko.

| HadToDelete

21. 'Stranger than fiction'

Scared man bites his nails
TeddyGraphics / Shutterstock
Would you stay here?

Stayed in a resort where it was a series of clay huts that comprised the hotel. When I arrived, I found the door to my hut with scratches on the outside and several bolts and a sign saying "Do Not Open At Night."

I didn't sleep that night as I could hear a child wailing outside in pain and scratching at the door. Next morning I spoke to the other guests who had had a similar experience.

Turns out it was monkeys that mimicked human sounds to make people open the door and attack them. Stranger than fiction.

| Piggieslovefiggies

22. 'I didn’t see him fall, just heard the thud'

palm trees
veeterzy / Shutterstock

This happened last week. Saw a guy inspecting a coconut tree.

Apparently he got loaded and decided he really wanted to climb a coconut tree at 1 a.m.

I didn’t see him fall. Just heard the thud.

Nothing serious happened to him. He got the wind knocked out of him and passed out. The security guards tried to help but they got scolded by his girlfriend. She sobbed over him for a while and then they went to sleep.

Strange, but whatever. You wanna pay $200 to sleep outdoors? Be my guest.

| Squirrelbeanie


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