The best gifts for someone who is always cold

1. Indoor boots you microwave

Intelex Cozy Body Boots, cream-colored
You warm up these cozy boots in your microwave.

If your friend always has cold feet — even when there's nothing to be nervous about — these warm boots for indoors might do the trick.

To make the Intelex Cozy Body Boots extra cozy, you toss them into the microwave.

They heat up without pesky cords that would tie your friend down to one spot.

The boots come in one size. The manufacturer says they fit adults who wear shoes size 6 to 10.

2. Towel rack that creates a warm oasis

INNOKA 2-in-1 Freestanding & Wall Mounted Heated Towel Warmer & Drying Rack
The Innoka 2-in-1 towel warmer and drying rack can be either freestanding or wall-mounted.

A towel warmer might seem like something only spas and rich people have. Not true!

The Innoka towel warmer and drying rack costs only about $60 and makes a stylish addition to any bathroom.

It's called "2-in-1" because it can be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on the available floor space.

Your friend will thank you for putting an end to post-shower shivers!

3. Heated lotion dispenser: So soothing

DevLon Northwest Massage Oil Warmer Lotion Warmer with lotions, sold separately

When you're trying to stay warm at home, nothing can give you chills like putting on cold lotion. This dispenser helps prevent that tragedy.

This oil and lotion warmer by DevLon NorthWest also keeps lotion from clumping. (Because who wants to smear on clumpy lotion?)

It's sleek and stylish, with a wood-grain design that's makes a good match with most bathroom decor.

Looking for something that's simpler, but also more innovative? Check out the next item.

4. Mug that makes beverages multitask

Mugs can be pretty boring gifts, and who really needs another one?

But the Clay in Motion handwarmer mug isn't your usual humdrum drinkware.

Instead of a handle, it has an inviting pocket for keeping your hands toasty warm while you enjoy your hot chocolate or coffee.

On the other hand (pun intended), check out a more new-age way for heating up hands.

5. Mittens for therapeutic hand-warming

Relaxso Aromatherapy Hotties Mitts

These aren't mittens for wearing to your next snowball fight. Instead, the Relaxso Hotties Mitts are meant for indoor use and provide some heat therapy for overworked hands.

You pop them into the microwave to warm them up and activate their relaxing scent of ginger and herbs.

Your friend will put them on and pretend she's at the spa! The manufacturer says they're great for prepping hands for a manicure.

The next gift is perfect for women and men who need warmth and love music, too.

6. Earmuff headphones: Toasty tunes

Deacroy Unisex's Faux Fur Earmuffs Solid Fuzzy Outdoor Headphone Winter Earmuffs

Ears are one of those extremities that always feel like they're freezing up first. To help your friend's ears stay toasty and entertained, consider earmuff headphones.

These Deacroy unisex headphone earmuffs are adorable and functional.

They come with a cord for connecting to a smartphone or tablet, so the wearer can crank up some music to help forget how freakin' cold it is.

And, you can get them in a variety of colors — all for under $15.

7. USB rechargeable hand warmer

QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Have you ever used those disposable hand warmers they sell at sporting goods stores? You take them out of the package, and they weirdly start to get hot. When they cool off, you toss them.

Here's a greener alternative: a rechargeable hand warmer.

Simply plug the USB cable into a computer to charge the thing, and the battery will last for up to 10 hours. That can keep a person thawed out all day long.

Your friend can even customize how hot the QuickHeat rechargeable warmer gets. The temperature on the device ranges from 104 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Not your dad's electric blanket

Serta Sherpa Microfleece Reversible Electric Heated Throw

Electric blankets used to be all clunky and stiff. Not anymore.

This stylish reversible heated throw by Serta is luxuriously soft, with polyester brushed microfleece on one side and faux sheepskin on the other.

Its cool gray color will fit right in with any modern decor.

But if a mere blanket wouldn't be enough to keep your friend feeling snug all over, we have just the thing.

9. Wearable sleeping bag: Head-to-toe toasty

ValueRays Blue Heated Mouse

A wearable sleeping bag may seem extreme. Yet, there are people who need that much warmth.

This wearable sleeping bag by Outerdo may be the best solution for that friend who wouldn't be satisfied with just a blanky. It's also a great gift for the outdoorsman (or woman) in your social circle.

The legs can be combined or zipped up separately, for easier movement.

It's definitely a head-turner! But so is the last gift.

10. Heated mouse for warmth at work

ValueRays Blue Heated Mouse

There are times when you can't wear gloves, thrust your hands under a heating blanket or stick them into the pockets on a mug. That's why this product is so great! It warms your hand while you're working.

For less than $15, the ValueRays heated mouse warms to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The USB cord, which is plugged into your computer, can be switched to "high," "low" or "off."

If your friend complains about the office temperature a lot, then this is an ideal gift. You'll be thanked for years to come.

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