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Do you tend to throw out those notices that you're eligible for a payout in a class-action lawsuit? Maybe you assume they're not worth your time. (Remember those hard-to-redeem Ticketmaster coupons?)

But you can easily find and cash in on more valuable class-action settlements, for products you've purchased.

See what's available

Websites such as TopClassActions.com, ClassAction.org and ClassActionRebates.com gather information on class-action settlements that have been filed over false advertising, overcharges, defective products and more.

Reimbursements can be small — such as a refund for a meal, or a coupon for free products.

Or, you may qualify to receive thousands of dollars.

Sample settlements

For example, if you got unsolicited text messages sent on behalf of a retailer named Simply Fashion, you may be eligible to receive $1,500 for breach of privacy.

If you had water damage from a window made by the Windsor Windows company, you could get up to $2,500.

You don’t even need a receipt in many cases. Each lawsuit has different requirements in order to receive your share of the settlement.

If a receipt is necessary and you've lost yours, check your bank and credit card statements for proof of purchase.

File your claim online — and be patient

While it takes only a few minutes to file a claim, keep in mind that it can take six months to a year before you see a check in the mail.

After you submit a claim through TopClassActions or one of the other sites, be sure to hold onto the case number for future reference.