Do you ever feel like people are just … mean? As if, in spite of your cheery nature and friendly smiles, all you’re met with is hostility and a grimace from someone around you?

Well, it may not be on you. Your state might just be rude.

Whether you feel like you’re the only one who holds the door open for anyone or are constantly getting knocked over in crowds, depending on where you live, you might be experiencing a high level of inconsiderate people.

You know it’s bad when you don’t blink an eye at your neighbor cursing at store employees or speeding past stop signs.

Lifestyle magazine Best Life released a list of all 50 states ranked from the nicest to the rudest in late 2020. It looked at indicators from other surveys, such as those for rudest cities and drivers, unfriendliness and impolite behavior with customer service employees.

We also checked out forums like Quora and Reddit to see what people are saying about each state. Some comments from these sites have been edited for clarity.

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