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Always, always read the fine print on the back of the box.

Some guilty pleasure foods are exactly as unhealthy as you’re expecting —cough potato chips cough.

On the other hand, some snacks have been marketed as healthy and nutritious when they are chock-full of not-so-healthy ingredients.

So, if you want to consume truly healthy snacks, you need to know what to cross off your shopping list on your next trip to the grocery store — or know which aisles to speed-walk past entirely.

On top of that, some naturally healthy foods, like eggs, have been separated from their still-healthy parts — the yolks — in order to be marketed as better for you.

Some common trends in “health” food are illuminated in this list — for example, granola, the hippie’s favorite breakfast cereal, can pack a lot of added sugar to your breakfast unless you make it from scratch. The same is true for prepackaged foods like store-bought smoothies, salad kits, and instant oatmeal.

This list was compiled using health data, government information, and product websites to bring you a comprehensive run-down of might-as-well-be-junk foods that are dressing up healthy.

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