27. Jacksonville University: D.B. Milne Field

The Jacksonville Dolphins football team in action at D. B. Milne Field on the campus of Jacksonville University in Jacksonville.
richmond96 / Wikimedia Commons

Jacksonville, Florida

You'd think that a school in Jacksonville — Florida's largest city by both population and land area — would have a proper grandstand, but it took until 2014 to add any formal seating here.

Before the renovation, D.B. Milne offered fans only concrete steps on a short hill. The press box was rather limited, and the scoreboard looked old-school.

But even after the improvements, calling this a college football "stadium" is a bit of a stretch.

"Most high school stadiums in Florida are bigger, and there is no character," writes one Google reviewer. "It doesn't help that the largest crowds for games at the one-sided stands are less than half full."