The Most Horrible Failed Products of All Time

13. Gerber Singles

Gerber, 1974. AKA ‘Baby food for adults’

gerber singles
WP:NFCC#4 / Wikimedia Commons
Though they look like baby food, Gerber Singles were marketed to adults.

In the 1970s, convenience foods like Jell-O salad, canned cheese and Spam were all the rage, and Gerber wanted in on the action. So, the baby food company created single-serving jarred meals for adults.

But unfortunately for Gerber, young consumers were just not interested in playing "Here comes the airplane!" in college.

Flavors such as Beef Burgundy and Blueberry Delight were also confusing. Were they entrees? Desserts? Or just brown mush? The only certainty was that no one wanted to eat the stuff.