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16. Crystal Pepsi

PepsiCo, 1992. AKA 'The clear drink without clarity'

Bottles of Crystal Pepsi
Mike Mozart / Flickr
Some consumers have found the citrusy taste of Crystal Pepsi confusing.

In the early 1990s, the makers of Pepsi tried to get in on the "clear craze," which brought us a variety of clear beverages and household products that were meant to seem more clean and pure.

Alas, while Crystal Pepsi looked clear, its mission was not. Consumers expecting it to taste like a seltzer or a citrusy drink were instead surprised to find it was flavored like a cola.

Rival Coca-Cola countered by introducing Tab Clear, which was sugar-free and added to the confusion. Crystal Pepsi was off the market within months, though it has had brief revivals in the 2010s.

15. Satisfries

Burger King, 2013. AKA ‘Saddest fries’

Satisfries Burger King
Mike Mozart / Flickr
Consumers felt Burger King's Satisfries were unsatisfying on many fronts.

Desperate to please health-conscious Americans, Burger King rolled out Satisfries — containing 30% less fat than McDonald’s fries — in 2013.

Sadly, the crinkly taters deserves a spot among the greatest fast-food flops. Customers said they were dry and that the outer coating was tough and chewy.

A small order of the fancy taters also cost more than BK’s regular fries and contained more calories than a small order of McDonald’s fries, because Micky D's weighed less.

By 2014, Burger King discontinued Satisfries at most locations.

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