38. 'When I say jump, you say...?'

Jumper cables for jump starting a car
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In order for these to work, you need two cars.

I worked at a restaurant as a busser, and a customer came in from outside and demanded that I give her a jump.

I told her that I didn't have a car, and got chewed out.

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37. Talk about false modesty

Pretty latin swimsuit fashion model posing sexy at boat marina location
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The SI swimsuit issue was showing too much skin for one customer.

I had some guy actually yell at me because we had the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition on display at my register at a grocery store.

He claimed that it is "pornography and should not be visible for children to see" and "I'm glad my kids are on vacation so they don't have to be subjected to its perversion."

I asked him where they went on vacation.

He says, "the beach."

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