The Worst Things You Can Say in a Job Interview

From innocent mistakes to deliberate cursing, these verbal slips communicate that you're not the right candidate.

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When you’re interviewing for a new job, it's not just a matter of knowing what to say. It's also important to know what not to say.

Too many job seekers shoot off statements that make a bad impression -- or end the interview in a downright epic flameout.

Here’s a list of things you never want to let slip while talking to a potential employer, plus suggestions for what you ought to say instead.

1. 'I really need this job.'

Desperation never makes a good first impression
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Desperation never makes a good first impression

Coming across as desperate never makes for a good first impression. Employers want to hire people who are organized and confident in their abilities.

You don't want to leave interviewers feeling that you're begging, or trying to guilt them into hiring you. That's counterproductive and distracting.

Instead of saying that you really need the job, focus on your qualifications and why you’re motivated to work for the company.

2. 'I foresee a scheduling conflict.'

Don't ask for time off during the interview
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Don't ask for time off during the interview

If you've got a major trip booked for the near future, now may not be the best time to hit the job search.

However, if you have travel plans and score an unexpected interview, it's best not to ask for time off before you're even offered the position. Because if you're not hired, there won't be a reason to worry.

If you are hired, then simply provide the date you can start and explain that you want to give you current employer plenty of notice. This will make you seem like a responsible and respectful employee.