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The popular double-decker burger recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, so we decided to compile a list of Big Mac trivia in its honor.

Here you'll learn about the Big Mac's rise to greatness, how it came by its name, and even where you can find out more about it than you ever knew you wanted to know.

That's a lot of beef patties

Juicy beef hamburger patties sizzling over hot flames on the barbecue
Alexander Raths / Shutterstock
Juicy beef hamburger patties sizzling over hot flames on the barbecue

Ever wonder how many Big Macs McDonald's has sold since the beginning of time? As it turns out, so do they.

Though McDonald's admits they've lost track of exactly how many Big Macs they've served up along the way, the company can tell you they serve roughly 550 million each year in the United States alone.

At the website Every Second, you can even see how many Big Macs and other menu items hip-hop off the grill and out of the fryer every second of the day.

The Big Mac Index

How much will a Big Mac cost tomorrow?
Sisacorn / Shutterstock
How much will a Big Mac cost tomorrow?

Back in 1986, The Economist developed a fun theory using the Big Mac that eventually became a staple of economic thinking.

Dubbed the "Big Mac Index," the theory goes that you can detect exchange rates between countries by measuring the converted price of a Big Mac in each.

For instance, if a Big Mac costs $4 in the U.S. and 2.5 pounds in the U.K., the expected exchange rate would be $1.60 to the pound (because 4 divided by 2.5 equals 1.60).

If the equation doesn't match up with actual exchange rates, it can mean that currencies are either overvalued or undervalued.

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