7. (tie) Michigan

Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan view from the Grand River
Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock
High unemployment and low-wage jobs is a bad mix.

Outbound moves: 56.9%

Unemployment remains high in Michigan at 4.1%, and life can be hard even for people who do find a job.

In a 2019 study, the Michigan Association of United Ways found that the number of households that can’t afford basic services is on the rise. Low wages are the norm, with most jobs paying less than $20 per hour.

Homerinthedetails, a Redditor, feels Michigan also lacks a cultural hub.

“That means less fine arts, no world-class museums, fewer jobs in banking/finance. People who prefer/need big cities usually head for Chicago, New York, Boston or San Francisco,” they wrote.

“And the winters, oh god, the winters. They go on and on and on, and they are so dreary.”