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Don't become a fraud statistic! Watch out for these 10 rip-offs that steal the most money from Americans. Our countdown includes the most current FTC data, from 2017.

10. Telephone and wireless scams

Woman hands with bills and mobile phone
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Hello? You've been conned! These can include mystery charges that show up on your phone bill, text-message fraud or even scammy apps that steal your money.

  • Total losses: $16.9 million
  • Typical loss: $223
  • Reports: 149,600
  • How victims were usually contacted: Text message

9. Foreclosure and debt relief rip-offs

Foreclosure Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful House.
Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock

Scammers have no qualms about kicking people when they're down. If you're facing foreclosure or dealing with a mountain of debt, they'll offer to save your house or get you a better deal from your lender. For a big fat fee, of course.

  • Total losses: $17.2 million
  • Typical loss: $1,200
  • Reports: 9,000
  • How victims were usually contacted: Phone call

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