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Economists make their calls based on deep data mining and plenty of speculation. But sometimes it might seem like they're just throwing darts at a board, with "boom" and "bust" alternating on the squares.

Heck, some truly weird things seem to predict the economy's direction as well as the experts. If you're worried about a recession, you may want to keep an eye on these very odd economic indicators.

1. The Marine ad index

US Marine Corps stand for the national anthem at Folsom Field
Infinite_Eye / Shutterstock
US Marine Corps stand for the national anthem at Folsom Field

The Marine Corps is physically demanding, and fewer people tend to enlist during stable economic times. The Marines have to advertise more, and the ads focus on the positive, polished aspects of being in the Corps.

But when the economy's bad and there are fewer jobs, more people consider becoming a Marine. So, cue ads full of grunting and sweating, so that only the best and the toughest recruits apply.

Pay attention next time you come across an ad for the Marines. If it makes the Corps look grueling, a recession may be on the horizon.

2. Necktie styles

Happy businessman with colorful tie
Khosro / Shutterstock
When business is good, ties are colorful

In the business world, thin, brightly colored ties are considered to be daring and youthful. Wider ties in darker, neutral colors are considered more traditional and mature.

Some observers have noticed that when the economy is doing well and jobs are plentiful, men tend to wear colorful and skinny ties because they are confident about job opportunities and are willing to be daring individuals in the office.

When the economy is poor, men wear more conservative ties because they don't want to risk looking immature. So, what color ties have you been seeing lately?

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