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Tired of missing out on bitcoin's roaring rally, but not sure how to get in on the action? You --- yes, you --- can buy bitcoin. It's not like purchasing a product on Amazon or at a Target store, but it's not difficult either.

Here are step-by-step instructions for buying some of the hot cryptocurrency as quickly as possible.

1. Sign up for a bitcoin exchange

You'll need to begin by downloading the app for a bitcoin exchange and registering with it. You have a few choices; Coinbase is probably the most user-friendly, which has helped to make it very popular. You can sign up with your e-mail address and phone number, and create a user name.

It is important that you use your real name and phone number! Don’t try to hide behind a “fake” phone number, like those available via Google Voice, because you will need to use a secret code that will be texted to your phone every time you want to log into your account.

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