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40. Immigration and customs inspector

Salary: $54,670

If you're looking for a solid job with the government but have only a high school education, you may be in luck. These inspectors work with freight handlers and law enforcement to protect U.S. borders.

Immigration control officer will arrival stamp in the passport
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39. Sales representative

Salary: $52,490

If you're outgoing and great with people, sales might be right for you. Many sales reps earn well above the median, thanks to commissions for selling everything from janitorial supplies to new cars.

Sales woman presenting new product to pharmacist
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38. Forest firefighter

Salary: $48,030

Forest firefighters are specialists who work in highly dangerous situations battling not only flames but also wind and smoke. They make a living saving homes, woodlands, infrastructure and people from one of the most dangerous threats on earth.

firefighters battle a wildfire
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37. Paralegal assistant

Salary: $49,500

Paralegals are the key to a successful law firm, and the work can be exhilarating whether you are brand-new to the legal system or are working your way to a law career. The work includes drafting documents and client hand-holding, but the duties are varied and challenging.

Young female lawyer or paralegal working in her office on a Computer or Pc
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36. Cosmetologist

Salary: $24,300

Cosmetologists work with their hands to make sure you look your best, no matter the damage you have done to your hair or skin. Though the median salary is low, many of these professionals can demand much higher pay based on location and skills.

Woman beautician doctor at work in spa center. Portrait of a young female professional cosmetologist. Healthcare occupation, medical career
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35. Construction and building inspector

Salary: $58,480

These inspectors make certain that construction projects and completed buildings are safe and meet local and national codes and ordinances, as well as zoning regulations and contract specifications.

Men in hardhat and green jacket posing on building site.Film noise
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34. Occupational therapy assistant

Salary: $56,070

These care workers help those suffering from injuries, illness or simply old age rehabilitate, develop, recover, and improve their basic motor functions and skills for daily living.

Female patient being assisted by physical therapists in hospital
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33. Medical secretary

Salary: $35,060

Medical secretaries keep clinics and medical offices running efficiently. The job involves working with patients, filing medical records, dealing with insurers, making appointments and working with the doctor-on-call to help ensure that patients get great care.

Senior man communicating with female receptionist while women sitting in background
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32. Online advertising marketer

Salary: $127,560

If you are wanting to #hustle, this might be the job for you. Online marketers plan campaigns to promote products or services through social media, video, text and interactive internet ads.

Advertising Campaign Promote Branding Marketing Concept
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31. Construction manager

Salary: $89,300

Construction managers are an essential part of any construction site — they plan, coordinate, budget and supervise the operation. Managers need to have an ability to lead and maintain the health and safety of the construction crew.

Construction manager and engineer working on building site
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