6 Money Mistakes to Avoid Making in Your 20s

By being proactive and not falling into these all too common traps, you'll be setting yourself up for the best future possible.

Your 20's are a time of exploration, learning, and adventure. But for far too many, they are also a time where financial mistakes are made --- mistakes that could have been avoided, but instead end up accumulating and costing much, much more than necessary.

In your early 20s, you are finishing up school, and like many students, you've taken out student loans or lines of credit. Waiting to fix your money problems is not an option.

In fact, it's now, early in your working years, that you have the chance to make some really great or really poor decisions with your money. To get you on the right path right now, here are the most common money mistakes people make in their 20s --- and solutions to avoid them altogether.

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