When you grow up poor, the fact that other kids have servants picking up after them, take family vacations on the other side of the planet and get a brand-new sportscar when they first learn to drive can all be pretty hard to believe.

But those other kids --- you know, the rich ones --- can be just as baffled about how the other half lives.

This question got people going on Reddit recently: What are some things rich kids won't understand growing up?

What would you say? Take a look at 10 of the most riveting responses.

1. That hanging out can be a luxury

Three young women enjoying cocktails and taking a selfie
The rich girls didn't understand why the poor girl wouldn't hang with them.

When I was young and super poor my rich friends would get mad at me for not having the money to do things with them. From their perspective I was just ditching them all the time.

More recently my significant other (who comes from a wealthy family) and I have been making common law official and moving towards being "married" and he totally freaked out about the fact that I have student loans. Apparently he didn't realize that a kid who grew up below the poverty line wouldn't have school paid for them in full.

In other words rich kids don't seem to get that money can be scarce.

| DaughterEarth

2. That certain gifts aren't givens

Modest older home with an empty driveway
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When you're poor, there's no new car in the driveway when you turn 16.

[A rich kid won't understand] that when you turn 16 you don't get a car, you just get to be 16.

| jonhalo

3. That friends may turn down an expensive invite

Four male friends on a beach
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Rich friends may not understand that not everyone can afford to go to a destination bachelor party.

In the last five years or so, I've had something like six close friends get married. Only ONE of them actually had a somewhat downplayed, relatively local bachelor party where we went out and partied, got him a lapdance, dressed him up, etc. Everyone else just seemed to assume that I would absolutely drop $500 to $1,000+ flying and spending four to five days abroad.

Not hating the players, but I just don't get it. This is just expecting someone to pony up a month's rent or more, just off the cuff, because they decided to get married.

I would honestly feel so bad if I was the groom. Like, I would try and make it as cheap and convenient for everyone as possible. I wouldn't demand everyone pay for flights to Thailand or they weren't "true friends."

| iliterallydied

4. That some kids have to hold jobs in college

Teenage girl working cash register in fast food
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Rich friends may not get why you can't just quit your crummy part-time job.

[Rich kids don't get] having to work and study simultaneously. I'm studying for the MCAT while working 35 hours a week as a cashier, and whenever I complain to a rich person about struggling to balance the two, they're always like "Duh, just quit your job!" as if I can generate rent money out of thin air.

| riali29

5. That birthdays aren't always happy

Lone slice of birthday cake with blown-out candle
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Birthdays aren't necessarily happy for poor kids.

Just not having a birthday party when your birthday rolls around. Not even a small one where friends come over to your house. Nothing.

| ohbrotherherewego

6. That not everyone can pay people to do stuff

Middle-aged man fixing windshield wiper blade on a car
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When you're poor, your mechanic may be Uncle Ted.

When a rich person's car breaks down, they can just whip out their cellphone, get it towed to a mechanic, write a check and move on with their life.

When a poor person's car breaks down, they have to call Uncle Ted. Because Uncle Ted sometimes knows how to fix cars.

Rich people can have a stay-at-home nanny to watch their kid. Poor people have to drop off their kid with a family member while they go to work.

Poor: dependent on each other to survive.

Rich: dependent on checkbook to survive.

| Yossi25

7. That some kids get knock-offs for a reason

Boy playing with a video game console
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A poor kid's video game console might be Polystation, not PlayStation.

[Rich kids will never understand] getting off-brand stuff. I didn't have a PlayStation, I had a Polystation, 9000 games (really five games repeated 1800 times).

| RogueBestGirl

8. That 'poor' is more than opting for cheap beer

Row of beers in plastic cups on a bar
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You're not broke just because you're buying the cheap beer.

Where broke to them means only getting the cheap beer at the bar or only ordering takeout once or twice a week. Or, no, I can't just call my parents for money when I'm stretching things pretty thin. It's mindblowingly frustrating at times.

| resilienttbastard

9. That not everyone lives in a palace

Large house next to a smaller one
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The rich kids may want to know why your house is smaller.

[Rich kids never understood] why my house was so small.

I got made fun of because my house was "so small." Like "a garage size."

Sorry I didn't live in a mansion like the rest of them. Come on, we had a living rooms, never had to share rooms with siblings and 1 guest room but it was still so "tiny" to them. Like so tiny they almost missed it and thought it was someone's shed!

| wistful

10. That some Christmases aren't so merry

Fireplace in a barren, rundown home
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Christmas isn't so cheery for poor kids.

[Rich kids don't get] that Santa doesn't visit some kids.

| SentientLife

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